For inquiries about existing programs and the new neuroscience initatives, please contact:

David Leyden
Administrative Manager,

CNI will focus on launching new programs and centers that will accelerate  the translation of fundamental discoveries into new insights and potential  therapies for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Since its establishment  in 2005, CNI has successfully launched and currently supports:

In 2004, as part of Columbia University’s 250th anniversary celebrations, President Lee Bollinger announced plans to launch a new Mind, Brain and Behavior Initiative that will provide an unparalleled opportunity for linking research in the neurosciences to Columbia’s existing strengths in other disciplines; notably physics, chemistry, engineering, and psychology. CNI will have a catalytic role in forging closer ties between the brain sciences, the programs of the business and law schools, and the many schools of the humanities. CNI will also support and oversee the establishment of the
recently announced Jerome L. Greene Science Center: a state-of-the-art science center
where Columbia scientists will explore the causal relationship between  gene function,
brain wiring, and behavior. Through exploration of the  organization and function of the brain,
scientists at the center will aim to clarify the workings of the mind -- the mental processes that
that permit us to perceive, act, learn and remember, and that govern the remarkable individuality
of human action.